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- World of Warships gets sci-fi anime mode
- The Elder Scrolls: Legends delayed into 2016
- Valve sued by French consumer association
- Total Annihilation invades Steam at last
- Rocket League has raked in a cool $50 million dollars

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 Ubisoft postpones World in Conflict server shutdown after outcry Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

The biggest problem here is you're losing core functionality, the same issues MMO's face when they shut down. Games are disposable commodities these days. Look at the ones based on Gamespy, you can't even play closed multiplayer with friends over the internet. It's so frustrating! Even VPN/LAN is sketchy if the netcode won't look past your NIC to the VPN tunnel when trying to find games over the network. I tried "C&C Online" which is supposed to be a Gamespy replacement for Command & Conquer but I keep getting kicked out even from singleplayer saying my connection failed. Totally unacceptable. Companies shouldn't ever gut online functionality without providing some type of alternative or P2P replacement. It makes me feel ripped off and betrayed. That's becoming the new normal.

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 Soma sells 92,000 copies in first ten days Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

To be honest I didn't feel it was a horror game at all, Somewhat like Alien Isolation, that at least got my adrenalin flowing and heart pumping fast, but it wasn't fear I felt. I was never scared of being caught, it just meant I must reload the game.The fact that, the Aliens AI made it's path unpredictable, greatly contributed to the uncertainty. That made leaving a hiding spot a risk With SOMA, I just found avoiding the "Monsters" to be annoying, they were easily outrun as long as I didn't run into a dead end. Despite that annoyance, I was only required to use stealth once or twice, when they were present. It was the rest of the game that held me enthralled, the exploration, looking for clues and reading the lore, combined with the puzzle solving aspect of progression that I really enjoy. Too many games use the simplistic, kill everything to progress mechanic and nothing else.This is still a refreshing change and a good game without needing guns. Well worth the cost. Available on GOG as well.

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 AMDs Catalyst 15.9.1 beta driver update fixes memory leak issue Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

this made a noticeable improvement to my integrated graphics the latest beta drivers. im running A8-7600. i can now play GTA 5 at 1600x900 floating around 50FPS most of the time.. sometimes it blips and drops to mid 40s for a half second but thats because its online, offline no real dips or lag. but im surprised how well it runs on my cheap and cheerful build im making. 8GB 1600MHz DDR3 ram, A8-7600, an SSD and a Hardrive and so far i was expecting gta to be a slideshow untill i ordered my graphics card but its impressive, a good 25FPS bump with this update at 720P and enough extra headroom to push settings to 900P and get nearly 60FPS. [Edit] and most everything is on high/medium and my distance scale is just one click below 50%, my population density is like 25%, population verity is 1 click from nothing. but everything else is high and medium. and my temps floating at peak of 180F so far at stock clocks with stock cooler, very impressived im waiting to order my new graphics card as im unsure what i want for my cheap and cheerful build, i got a problematic one used R9-270X, luckily the seller apologized refunded me and im placing an order on either R9-370x compact (2gb GDDR5) or R7-370X (4GB GDDR5). they so similar im thinking just get the R7-370X from asus or sapphire for extra memory at reasonble price of $150-$180 instead of R9-370 compact 2GB or 4Gb for $200-$220, save a few dollars and i think it run 1080P maxed out or nearly maxed out just fine. specially seeing how large of a boost my integrated graphics managed, i can see saving money going with R7-370 4Gb would be best, what do you guys think?

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 Free Battlefield 4 map Operation Outbreak coming this Fall Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

If I recall the problem is in the workflow of how they put levels together in the engine. All the assets are stored on a seperate asset server. Then when the map is done it's cooked down into the final map. Apparently setting up the system is too complicated or something (which is BS anyway but regardless.) My guess is that the system actually uses either third part licensed technology or proprietary tech that EA/DICE can't give out to the public and a workaround would be too complicated.

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 Arkham Knight PC re-release window narrowed to end of October Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

They did do an amazing job after they pulled it, I really liked the community post where they said they'd stop fixing non-progression bugs to focus on the DLC. You know, before the game was proper fixed. Gotta get that DLC out! The proper procedure here was to review it, as they had gotten it on release, and as we had, and re-visit the game after the patching was finished, so as to not insult everyone who actually paid for this on release. "Well, we can't even finish the game, it's broken, ugly and is running at half the speed it was advertised at, here's our score." And yes, I fully expect an Indie developer to get blasted for releasing an unplayable game, even if they politely request their digital distribution outlets to pull it until they finished it, because shoving the money back into their pants for being sold garbage should NOT be a green light for a gag order. I hold Rocksteady to much, MUCH higher standards than I would hold an Indie developer, especially considering the game's development costs. It's inexcusable and indefensible. If you were an indie developer, I would certainly hope you could see why you'd be entitled to negative reviews and people saying mean things about you if you did the same thing. If you don't, I can't help you with that. And the way this has all played out has left an AWFUL sour taste in my mouth. PC Gamer got their clicks in with all the articles on how it was a busted garbage heap, and OH, THEY PULLED IT FROM THE SHELVES, and then "Well, we'll wait to review it until they've fixed the bugs. That's proper sport." What the hell? I guarantee you, if the reviewer in question had pulled $60 out of his wallet to buy the game at launch and was treated to what he was treated to, there would have been a damn review. And it would not have been positive. Is this going to be the new digital distribution clause, if a game's super crap when they start selling it, we'll wait to review it until it's done being patched? In what world does this sound like consumer advocacy?

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